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Terms and Conditions

This agreement is made between Ceramics Restored and the Client. The term 'Ceramics Restored' or 'restorer' or 'us' or 'we' refers to the owner of Ceramics Restored, Exeter. The term 'client' or 'you' refers to anyone who enters into an agreement to purchases goods or services from Ceramics Restored.

Any object having been conserved or restored is deemed to no longer have a functional value and is to be used for display purposes only. No item should be used for any type of electrical purposes following any restoration process. Restoration materials used in the process are carefully chosen with regard to their performance over time and consideration is taken over the manufacturers recommendations, however, no product will be free from a level of deterioration over time and it is extremely important that the restored object be protected from fluctuating moisture levels, extreme heat and direct sunlight or any unstable environment following the completion of the restoration process.

The restorer shall in no circumstances be liable to the client for any damage, deterioration or discolouration of materials used, loss or destruction to the object or any consequential damage, loss or destruction due to misuse.

UK shipping only : No items should be sent to us for repair or restoration from outside the UK without contacting us first for advice. Due to the delicate nature of ceramics we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused in transit via any International shipping service.

Estimates by email : Estimates can be formed from images received from the client as email attachments. Such estimates may be subject to change following the items arrival at Ceramics Restored if a workshop examination identifies additional damage, not evident on the original images supplied, and any relevant adjustment to the estimate will be relayed to the client prior to acceptance. All estimates supplied will normally be converted to quotes following a workshop examination conclusion and will take note of the clients repair requirements. No work will be carried out without written confirmation from the client in response to quotes supplied detailing full conservation / restoration requirements.

Where an estimate is given by the restorer, such estimate is open for acceptance by the client for a period of 1 month failing which it may at the sole discretion of the restorer be revised. Any object/s belonging to the client that have arrived at Ceramics Restored for estimate will be required to be removed from the restorer's premises, at the client's expense, once the estimate period has expired if the correct confirmation is not received.

Restoration and repairs : The restorer will carry out the conservation / restoration work specified in the particulars of the quote to the object or objects specified. Whilst the restorer will endeavour to carry out the work with reasonable care and skill, no responsibility to the client is undertaken to that effect.

The restorer will endeavour to complete the work with all due diligence but any dates given or periods of time quoted are estimates only and shall not be the ground for any claim for loss or compensation against the restorer.

Where the restorer has commenced the work and this Agreement is cancelled by the client prior to completion, the restorer shall, in lieu of damages for breach of contract, be entitled to require the payment of that part of the estimated price proportionate to the amount of work carried out.

The object remains at the entire risk of the client. It is accordingly the client's responsibility to insure the objects in such sums and for such risks as the client shall think fit and no such insurance shall be taken out by the restorer.

Unless the contrary appears in the particulars the restorer shall notify the client of completion of the work by email, post or telephone to the address or telephone number for the client noted in the particulars. It is the client's responsibility to notify any change of email or contact address or telephone number.

Collection, payment and return delivery : It shall be the obligation of the client to collect the objects after notification by the restorer of completion of the work unless a return delivery is requested via Royal Mail. Items shall be collected by the client, or an authorised signatory, from the restorer's premises within one calendar month of notification of completion. If collection is not made within this period then the restorer shall be entitled to charge a storage charge.

Return delivery charges are quoted separately and paid by customer. Royal Mail 'Special Delivery Next Day' service is the delivery service used. For items that exceed the packed weight and size limits, laid down by Royal Mail with regard to their 'Special Delivery Next Day Service', the arrangements required for shipping, including liaison with companies, their costs and associated insurance for the purposes of transporting these larger items to and from Ceramics Restored, will be the full responsibility of the client, although Ceramics Restored will be happy to liaise with couriers or delivery companies with regard to delivery and collection access and administer any associated return labelling. All items sent to Ceramics Restored must be packed in accordance with the packaging requirements and advice of the shipper. All claims for loss or damage caused to items when in transit to and from the restoration studio must be dealt with through Royal Mail or your chosen courier customer services department. Please note that ceramics and glass are on the list of exclusions for compensation for most delivery and courier services.

For new clients to Ceramics Restored, a payment of one half of the quote value is due from the client prior to any work being carried out unless otherwise agreed in writing and unless contrary appears in the particulars then payment of the final balance, notified to the client by the restorer, is due upon collection of the conserved / restored objects and full and cleared payment must be made prior to any items being shipped for return.

Payment is due from the client within 7 days of the date of any invoice submitted by the restorer. If the invoice is not paid within 30 days then the invoice total shall bear interest at a rate of 5% above the base lending rate determined by the bank of England in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2002, such interest being payable from the invoice due date until the date of receipt of cleared funds by the restorer.

Payment may be made with cash or by cheque supported by an appropriate cheque card or by bank transfer. All cheques are to be made out to Ceramics Restored. New clients to Ceramics Restored wishing to settle the final balance by cheque in excess of the appropriate cheque guarantee value are not entitled to collect any item until the cheque has cleared.

If the object is not collected within 6 months of the date of such notification then title to the object shall pass to the restorer who shall be free to sell the same and from the net proceeds to recover such sums as may be due to the restorer under this agreement. The restorer shall then hold the balance of such proceeds (if any) for the client for a further period of 3 months after such sale but shall thereafter be entitled to retain the same for the restorer's own benefit if not claimed by the client by the end of that period.

Copyright : Ceramics Restored retains the copyright in all reports drawings or photographic images prepared under this agreement or content displayed within the business website or social media pages which may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the restorer's consent which may be given on terms or declined with or without reason.

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