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Services : Restoration types and the process.

Ceramics Restored is always happy to offer you help and advice when you find yourself having to consider any type of antique or modern ceramic restoration process and can guide you through the options of a museum or an invisible restoration and take instruction once you are happy to proceed and have chosen the option that best fits your needs. In the case of a museum restoration, the objects are sympathetically cleaned and rebuilt thus restoring their original shape. This option does however mean that all, or some, of the re-aligned and bonded break lines may still remain visible after the process. Fillers are applied to any missing sections and differ dependent on a pottery or porcelain ware and colour matched to that of the original body.

Restored vase

An invisible restoration draws on all of the recognised techniques available by following on from the above techniques to produce as near as possible an undetectable repair. All repair areas that require material replacement, surface preparation, colour and glazing, are kept as small as possible during the procedure to avoid being over restored.


Cleaning - Stabilizing - Adhesive Removal - Surface Rust Removal - Rebuilding - Coloured Fillers - Modelling and Moulding - Airbrushing - Hand Painting - Glazing - Gilding

All coloured fillers are mixed by hand and matched to original colours. Sections can be modelled to replace missing or damaged areas. All repairs are closely matched to that of the original manufactured condition of each piece with regard to colour and surface texture. Enquiries are always welcome on any of the above techniques.

Restoration to gilding is carried out as part of the restoration services we offer. However, digital images do not supply enough relevant information for gilding enquiries and a workshop examination is required to be carried out prior to confirming your estimate. Enquiries for the restoration of highly reflective mirror type gilding should be directed to a specialist gilding restorer.

All items originally manufactured for the consumption of food and drink will lose their functional value following a restoration process and should be classed as being used for display purposes only.

The Process

Conservation awareness

Materials used at Ceramics Restored are specifically chosen to maximise the future stability, appearance and lifetime of any ceramic repairs. All procedures are fully reversible and are documented for future reference. Following the completion of any restoration process, care must be taken to avoid applying unnecessary stress to the piece in question during handling, especially with regard to any peripheral areas and it is equally important that all restored items be kept in a stable and dry environment and away from extreme heat and direct sunlight following any restoration process.


Free no-obligation estimates are available on request for all ceramic repair services. A reasonable idea of the condition and treatment requirements can be gained from good photographic evidence, either by digital images sent to our e-mail address, as attachments, or from conventional photographs, and an initial estimate of the work required will be supplied to you for your consideration, and then when it is possible to arrange a workshop inspection, a better understanding of the damage involved can be gained and your estimate will be confirmed and an itemised quote supplied.


We advise to all clients that at all times during the restoration process, any item that is presented for repair will remain at the entire risk of the client until it is returned to them. It is accordingly the client's responsibility to insure the object/s in such sums and for such risks as the client shall think fit and no such insurance shall be taken out by Ceramics Restored.

Waiting List

There is a waiting list in operation at present. We appreciate that all customers are keen for their restoration to proceed as soon as possible and therefore we monitor this list regularly to ensure that the time period on the waiting list is kept as short as possible. This is obviously dependent on the current work load but also our aim to ensure that all commissions proceed in a fair and correct order. We will supply details of the current waiting period on enquiry.

Time scale for repairs

Restoration and conservation work to any type of pottery, porcelain and china can never be successfully rushed. Some procedures and techniques take longer than others and we advise that clients should consider a time scale to be on average around a 12 week period. However some pieces may exceed this time scale. We are always willing and able to accommodate the more urgent requests as long as it is technically possible and we are aware of such requirements prior to the start of any of the services that we supply. We have always held firm to the view that it is never beneficial to either party to compromise the quality of any work in a bid to complete a job earlier than expected.

No work will be carried out without authorisation


For those clients that require their pieces to be returned by post please note that all return postal charges are quoted separately and the relevant charge is added to the final invoice. Royal Mail 'Special Delivery Next Day' service is our preferred shipping option. This service travels separately from the standard postal service and offers a guaranteed next working day delivery.

If there is a significant amount of damage and you are shipping multiple shards then please ensure that you individually wrap each bit in tissue paper and bubble wrap to avoid any contact between the pieces during transit which may cause further damage. Wrap larger items with bubble wrap (large bubble preferably). Gather up all of the very small fragments and place them within an envelope and place everything in a suitably strong and large enough box that allows at least a 3 inch gap from any point between the wrapped goods being shipped and the box edge. Double box if possible to achieve extra protection. Fill the gap between the wrapped pieces or inner box with sufficient padding to ensure that everything is held securely but without putting unnecessary pressure on delicate peripheral areas or unstable points and prior to closing and sealing the box/s please include your contact details inside and place your return address on the underside of the outer box. Seal all outer box edges and joints with packaging tape for safe transit.

Please contact the Royal Mail, your local Post Office or your chosen courier for further details of weight and dimensions limitations, compensation exclusions and services offered. All claims or enquiries for late delivery, damage or loss when in transit to and from the studio must be dealt with through Royal Mail or your chosen courier customer services department. Please note that ceramics and glass are on the list of exclusions for compensation for most delivery and courier services.

For items that exceed the packed weight and size limits detailed by Royal Mail with regard to their 'Special Delivery Next Day Service'. Any arrangements for shipping including liaison with companies, their costs and associated insurance for the purposes of transporting these larger items to and from Ceramics Restored will be the full responsibility of the client. Ceramics Restored will be happy to liaise with your chosen couriers or delivery companies with regard to delivery and collection access and administer any associated return labelling.

UK shipping only

No items should be sent to us for repair or restoration from outside the UK without contacting us first for advice. Due to the delicate nature of ceramics we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused in transit via any International shipping service.

Online consumer protection

It is always advisable when looking for any professional service that clients do some research into the businesses offering such services within the relevant field of interest and this is becoming more important today with such volumes of antique ceramic conservation websites available and vastly increasing internet marketing. Although there is now a better level of regulation these days to deliver more consumer protection online with regard to content displayed and distant selling regulations it is still good practice to check and confirm the validity of any claims made on websites and we are always happy to do this with regard to ourselves and our site.

Conserve or Restore

The roles of the conservator and restorer share a common responsibility when dealing with ceramic objects in their care either antique or modern, earthenware or porcelain, the objective is the same that being to protect whatever it is from further damage or deterioration and the art of the restorer encompasses all the ethics of conservation while carrying the treatment forward to as near as possible an undetectable repair.

At the beginning of any treatment at Ceramics Restored, the type of ceramic ware is identified and then an assessment is carried out to include any risk factors. Research is carried out to ensure the process returns the object to its original form.

Every treatment plan will be as individual as the object itself and in building a plan consideration is given to areas such as rarity, age, historical importance, sentimental value and any previous repairs, which in the case of rivets for example, form an important part of the history of the piece. All these factors are viewed together and help in producing a suitable plan of action. An awareness of inherent weaknesses and knowledge of acceptable characteristics of wear and tear, such as is evident on early earthenware glazes for example, is essential in order to gain a fuller understanding of any required repair process when drawing up an effective treatment plan.

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