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Ceramics Restored

Conservation and Restoration

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Porcelain restoration carried out on vase As a qualified ceramic restorer I am pleased to offer you a professional pottery and porcelain restoration service that operates from a well-equipped restoration and conservation studio on the outskirts of Exeter in the picturesque county of Devon in the South West of England with easy access from Bristol and Plymouth via the M5. Associate member of the Institute of Conservation. (ICON)

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A high quality ceramic restoration service, one that deals with all of the aspects involved with pottery, porcelain and china repairs and restorations. Ceramics Restored was set up in 2000 following a 2 year training period, tutored by a London studio owner, conservator and museum professional, with the aim of supplying a UK china repairs service that is available to all and with specific objectives of attention to detail and quality of finish, such goals that I am extremely happy to say have held firm throughout the years and are still very much the case today. The china restoration service that I offer has helped many private and business clients, collectors, insurance companies and removal firms from all parts of the UK. From fine china to old pots and everything in-between with all requests considered regardless of the complexity and no job too small. Previous commissions have ranged from 18th century Chinese porcelain chargers and Meissen porcelain figurines, Victorian majolica pottery plates as well as English Delftware tankards and Dutch Delft tulip vases, terracotta plaques and much more. I am always very happy to supply no obligation estimates for Worcester, Doulton, Moorcroft, Beswick and Lladro repairs UK, European and Asian porcelain repairs as well as any of the vast and diverse range of British Studio Pottery including the sought after designs of Bernard Leach, John Maltby and Colin Pearson and all other makes, shapes and sizes in need of repair.


When items with any level of sentimental value get damaged then you need to seek profession advice. Although it is a niche service you will most likely find web searches producing lots of information these days about professional repair services even though they may not be in your local area. However, when you do find yourself asking "Who can carry out a china repair near me?" or "What will the pottery restoration prices be?" then I hope that the pages within this site will give you useful information and help you with your initial steps towards addressing your specific ceramic repair requirements. For information on how to contact me and what initial information I need from you then click on the "Contact" link and for examples of recent repairs carried out then choose from any of the "Gallery" and social media links to see what can be achieved or just simply click the blue mailto button and send me an email for your free no obligation estimate.

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Email for advice and your non-obligation estimate for repairs to all types of ceramics.


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The pottery repair service and those existing old pottery repairs

At the start of any ceramics enquiry, information about the general form, shape, surface texture, decor and gilding needs to be gathered as well as details of any missing areas and previous repairs. All this is welcomed and gathered together to help form the basis of your restoration plan.


The slightest damage to any piece of pottery or porcelain holding a sentimental value can be an upsetting time and good professional advice is needed and all relevant repair options can be discussed during this important initial stage and prior to you receiving your free, no obligation, estimate. You will be guided through the differences between a pottery and a porcelain repair and a museum and an invisible restoration and, if appropriate, receive advice on which pieces should be viewed as having lost their previous functional value, especially around foodstuffs and fluids, and be used for display purposes following any repair process.


Along with your free estimate, you'll also gain an idea of the current time periods that you may need to consider, general information on insurance considerations, safe ways to transport your pieces to and from the studio and important after care information that will help preserve your repaired items into the future.

For Sale Antiques and Collectibles.

Please check for our latest antique and collectible ceramics for sale on our site. You can view them via the following link Ceramics for Sale

Look after your antiques

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Repairers and Restorers for all types of Ceramics

I look forward to helping you if you wish to contact me about the pottery restoration services that I offer. Just good old honest advice from a qualified ceramic restorer.

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