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Gallery : Client Restoration and Repairs

Examples of some client restoration that we've selected to illustrate the condition of items before and after restoration has taken place. Permission has been received for all images prior to them being displayed.

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A fine example of one of the earlier restorations carried out around 2001

Handle replacement

Before and After

Cup before restorationCup after restoration


As the mounting points of each handle are in different positions, a simple mould of the existing handle would not be suitable to form the replacement. The procedure involves building a temporary handle and the use of moulds to produce the replacement handle which is then secured, colour matched and glazed to finish.

Cup repair process

One of a number of restoration projects managed in-between the National Lockdowns 2020

Restoring a detached wing on this very high quality porcelain bird

On arrival and After restoration

Bird on arrivalBird after restoration

Another interesting project managed in-between the National Lockdowns 2020

Reattach and restore a Raku vase on its square pumice base

On arrival and After restoration

Raku vase on arrivalRaku vase after restoration

Examples of restoration projects carried out at various points in-between

Restoration #1

Helping a very nice Raku dog with a broken rear leg

On arrival and After restoration

Dog prior to repairDog after restoration

Restoration #2

Re-Building a missing section on a studio pottery clock

On arrival

Clock on arrivalClock on arrival-2

During process

Clock during restorationClock during restoration-2

Restoration complete

Clock after restorationClock after restoration-2

Restoration #3

Restoring the horns on a pottery African antelope

On arrival

African antelope on arrivalAfrican antelope on arrival-2

Restoration complete

African antelope restoredAfrican antelope after restorationAfrican antelope restored-2

Restoration #4

Removing a previous repair attempt and re-modelling a new left ear

On arrival

1st image of dog on arrival2nd image of dog on 

Restoration complete

1st image of dog after restoration2nd image of dog after restoration

3rd image of dog after restoration

Restoration #5

Antler Repair and Restoration

On arrival

Stag on arrivalDamage involved

Restoration complete

Antler repairStag restoration

Restoration #6

Re-Building a Shattered Birth Plate

(All personal identifies on this plate, for the purpose of display, have been masked to comply with client confidentiality)

On arrival

Birth plate on arrival

During process

Birth plate during restoration

Restoration complete

Birth plate (front) after restorationBirth plate 
(rear) after restoration

Restoration #7

Studio vase repair and restoration

On arrival

1st image of Studio vase on arrival2nd image of Studio
 vase on arrival

Restoration complete

1st image of Studio vase after restoration2nd image of
 Studio vase after restoration3rd image of Studio vase after restoration

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