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Sales : Selvyt Polishing Cloths

For well over 100 years SELVYT has been the world's leading brand in polishing cloths for the silver, jewellery, watchmaking and silversmiths trade. Used by the finest craftsmen, it has become the benchmark by which all other products are judged. Selvyt cloths are made in the UK.

The product range offered for sale on this site includes the silver cleaning (SC) and jewellery (JC) impregnated cloths for cleaning silver and jewellery and a (MF) microfibre which is ideal for wiping screens, a premium (PR) for glassware and a universal (SR) cloth for general use. All cloths can be purchased through our shopping cart and delivered by Royal Mail Signed For service. When you place an order you will receive genuine selvyt polishing cloths each packaged in their own sealable bag which is idea for storing the cloths away until you need to use it again. The sizes that are currently available from stock are (A) 10" x 10" and (B) 14" x 14". Enquiries for additional types and sizes of cloths are always welcome.

Selvyt Cloth Range

Please click on the images below for more information on each product range for sale.

Selvyt SC cloth Selvyt JC cloth Selvyt PR cloth Selvyt MF cloth Selvyt SR cloth

All items are available from stock

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Selvyt Product Information

Images display a range of Selvyt cleaning cloths, SC, JC,PR, MF and SR which are available in various sizes. (Displayed above in order : Silver : Jewellery : Premium : Microfibre : Standard)


Selvyt SC

Ideal for cleaning tarnished silver.

Selvyt JC

Ideal for cleaning jewellery.

Selvyt PR

Premium polishing cloth for crystal and glass.

Selvyt MF

Microfibre cloth, ideal for cleaning TV and laptop screens.

Selvyt SR

Universal cleaning cloth and good for shoes and boot polishing.


We pride ourselves on the quality of the goods and services that we offer and welcome any feedback that will assist us in our aim.

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