Selvyt SR polishing cloths.


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Selvyt SR


SELVYT is a world leading brand in cleaning and polishing cloths and this (SR) cloth is a universal multipurpose polishing cloth. Woven unbleached cotton with a raised surface to lift particles to leave a perfect finish. These cloths are good as "New" when washed.


Selvyt SR Cloth


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Selvyt (SR) universal multi-purpose polishing cloth




Material : Woven unbleached cotton cloth


Colour : Beige with Selvyt branding in black


Size : (A) 10" x 10" Product code : CLTH-04-01


Size : (B) 14" x 14" Product code : CLTH-04-02


Details : Cloth for polishing shoes and boots and general cleaning.


Lead Time : Dispatch within 24 hrs.


Selvyt SR (A) 10" x 10"


£3.54 (Total unit price exc.postage)    In Stock    icon1



Selvyt SR (B) 14" x 14"


£4.20 (Total unit price exc.postage)    In Stock    icon1





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